Why Hire a SSD Lawyer

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If there is an unfortunate accident that happened to you at work resulting to your disability to make up for a living, one of the best policies that protects people in the same situation is the Social Security disability or SSD wherein, benefits are provided to help support the needs of those who are in the same situation.  

 SSD Lawyer


However, there are specific qualifications that you need to adhere to for you to garner all of these privileges. Meaning, you need to submit tons of paper requirements and other related documents so that you will gain the possibility to be given these monetary support. This is precisely the reason why, as much as possible, you need to hire somebody who is professionally inclined in this line of work. And that’s none other than an SSD lawyer.  

If you aren’t convinced just yet, here are some important points to consider in hiring one:  

  • A lot of SSD Applications are Denied 

In the recent years, a great percentage of these disability claims are usually denied by the Social Security Administration. The reason behind this is that a lot of applicants don’t necessarily adhere to the policy of the administration, or sometimes lack the pertinent documents in order to become a candidate for receiving the compensation. This is where the importance of the lawyer comes in: law practitioners are best especially in terms of fixing the documents and arranging it in the right format that adheres to the protocol of the administration. Meaning, when you hire a lawyer, your chance of being accepted is relatively high in contrast to those who do not.  

  • Experienced Lawyer are Competent 

The logic is very simple, if you have done something in the past; your chance of doing it again correctly is high. Experienced SSD lawyer is the right person to contact especially when we try to consider their past works. When the lawyer’s past experiences yielded positive results, then the lawyer indeed knows how to work his or her way in to the process. Furthermore, because of these experiences, a more successful outcome is highly anticipated.  

  • Connections 

One of the best benefits that professional lawyers have to offer is their connections. Meaning, most of these lawyers don’t necessarily work their magic alone. Most if not all of them actually have a network of experts to back them up whenever needed. Hiring one could also mean that you could also benefit to these networks which could necessarily be the reason to yield possible results.  

  • Contingency-Pay Basis 

SSD lawyers are usually following the contingency-fee basis. Meaning, the amount of money you are going to pay them is contingent to the progress they yield in working out on your case. Meaning, these lawyers will not necessarily ask you to pay them in advance, especially when they haven’t obtained any apparent result just yet. 

Being disabled is not an easy life to live. However, with these kinds of projects by the government, one could still live a beautiful life by not being a burden to anybody. And the best possible way to achieve this is to hire a http://www.geoffrydunnlaw.com/practice-areas/disability 

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The Shortest And Most Attainable Diet

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When people get ready for a beach trip, they usually invest almost half a year of working out and eating the healthy way.  It will take commitment and a strong mind set for them to complete their transformation, and be beach ready for their Instagram and Facebook Feed. A lot of people struggle with this kind of lifestyle, and for them, it just seems almost impossible to be that devoted to the food they just can’t seem to intake on a daily basis. However, if you can at least get your work outs to be consistent for months to come, then it will be a relief to know that there is a diet plan that is efficient and only lasts around three days or a bit more.  



This fast and effective diet is called the Military diet, and this will only require you to sacrifice the food you would usually eat for only a short amount of time. This is good for a lot of those people who are lazy or cannot commit to long term diets, and this means they will finally get a chance to get those six pack abs they’ve always dreamed of having.  

One thing that you should be consistent with will be your work out, and it is important that you try not to focus on bulking up. Three days of shredding and cutting down will not be enough to burn away the fat and show the figure of your body. It will be best to bulk up for a month or two by lifting heavy weights, with minimal repetitions. After that phase is done, you should change your work out until you reach your military diet, it should be in your workout plan to go for light weights, and increase your repetitions instead. This way your body will be more chiseled and will give you the look of how your natural body type will look, plus it will be easier to burn the fat during the diet phase.  

Here is a sample menu for the military diet, and it isn’t strict with the types of food that you will eat, it is more of conscious with the number of calories you will intake in a day. During your breakfast, having coffee should always be present, as it will help jumpstart your day and remove the tired feeling when you wake up. Also, never forget your carbs, just try to avoid having white rice, and substitute with bread instead. You do not want to lose your muscle mass, always have a boiled egg to start the day, if you get sick of the taste, you can go ahead and have a few strips of bacon.  

Lunch and Dinner don’t have much of a difference; it is about having a balanced meal with keeping in mind the number calories it will contain. As long as you have a good amount of protein, fibers, and with minimal carbs that won’t make you blow up, then you should have a good experience with the military diet and see the effects right away.

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